Monday, May 28, 2007


Renewal partners with springtime, the refreshing breath of the Holy Spirit first from Pentecost but for always, the conversion and belief that is Jesus' first exhortation in the Gospel of Mark -- but for your humble blog hosts, it is also some newfound energy after taking time off. Both Therese and I have missed the blog, as we discovered through frequent encounters with thoughts or incidents about which we'd like to write, realizing only after a beat that there was no longer any place to write it.

I, for one, struggled with the thought that any post after a long hiatus would have to be particularly profound, insightful, witty, and/or remarkable to justify either the absence or the comeback. As many of you will recognize far more quickly than I did, that is pride, naked and unblushing. Besides, I reason, we abandoned our readers for so long that there won't be anyone left to notice the quality (or lack) of our posts for weeks to come.

So, to the one or two of you who might still have us hooked into your automatic RSS feed and therefore will notice that we're back, we're back. We hope for stimulating and thought-provoking conversation with you here. We'll do our best to strew the bait around for it.


Salome Ellen said...

Hallelujah! I've clicked past here regularly ever since Roz posted in December, and today there is something new! Welcome back!!!!

Roz Dieterich said...

Thanks, Salome. What a delightful welcome.

Kansas Bob said...

Welcome Back!!

Roz Dieterich said...

Thanks, Bob.

Julie D. said...


onionboy said...

WELCOME BACK. Interestingly I featured a portion of your closing quote in a post within the past month. Now it's all history. Bravo.




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