Monday, February 21, 2005

Terri Schiavo update: I just read the report of the medical examination ordered by the Second District Court of Appeal in September, 2002. You can find it here. The doctor found that Terri's medical condition, the onset of which was never diagnosed, is neither a coma nor a persistent vegetative state. Towards the end of the report, in a paragraph all its own, he makes this intriguing observation: "Interestingly, I have seen this pattern of mixed brain (cerebral) and spinal cord findings in a patient once before, a patient who was asphyxiated."

You don't say.


LifeSteward said...

Michael Schiavo is part of the Axis of Evil against Terri!

She is not PVS, and I'm sure he is complicit in her condition.

Thanks for the info...



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