Saturday, February 26, 2005

This takes guts

A Philadelphia Inquirer columnist has publicly changed his mind about Terri Schiavo.

The abuse allegations against Michael Schiavo may be nothing but scurrilous rumor spread to damage his credibility. But what if there is even a tiny chance he is guilty of abuse? Should such a person be in a position to decide this life-and-death issue?

Last month, I wrote that Michael Schiavo's wish should be granted and his wife allowed to die rather than suffer for years in what the courts have deemed a "persistent vegetative state." I still believe Terri Schiavo, if she were aware today, would instruct us to not make her linger on like this.

But she is not aware and left no written directives. So we are left to guess her wishes. Last month, I said we could look inside our own hearts and know what she would want. Today, with the latest stay barring the removal of the feeding tube set to expire in hours, I am less confident making such assumptions.


Therese Z said...

Thanks for getting this up on the site. Pray that the news outlets pick up the videos of Terri reacting to her family and to music and balloons. We've got to keep up the prayers and pressure to keep people aware.



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