Thursday, May 19, 2005

There's a ripple in the Tiber

An abfab Episcopalian blog I read every day is Pontifications. What great news today! Fr. Al Kimel, the erudite and nimble-brained Pontificator, announced his decision to enter the Catholic Church. He announces "It is also my intention to avail myself of the Pastoral Provision and to apply for ordination to the Catholic priesthood."

All of us should pray daily for new vocations to the priesthood, and the strenghthening and warming of the vocations of our current priests. This is another way of bringing holy priests to the people.



justin said...

This is huge! It's reminiscent of when Elliot Bougis made public the reality behind his suspicious defense of Catholicism, himself a protestant. Thanks for the heads up.. occurrences like this, involving such intellectual and committed disciples, always strengthen my hope in the Church ever so slightly.



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