Thursday, May 26, 2005

Why does relief inspire less prayer than panic?

Okay, 'splain this to me, Ricky -

We had a scare with my mother over the last week, worrying about potential lung cancer. The tests came back today - NOT CANCER! Some more doctoring, but not awful. We are very happy, to say the least.

I've spent a lot of time in prayer over the last week, praying for serenity, strength, patience, healing for her, healing for our family. I asked for the intercession of St. Therese of Lisieux (whose own illness would give her a vivid empathy of my mother's lung troubles), the Blessed Mother (mother of mothers), everybody in Heaven I was inspired to think of. I openly begged for prayers among my blogging friends, my local friends, my fellow daily-Mass-goers (many of whom sweetly asked me her name so they could pray for her that way).

I felt great strength and peace flow through me, tempered by short bursts of wanting to clonk my mother one for her gloomy pessimism. I did some big-time prayin', folks. I am grateful for the growth in fortitude and other virtues.

Now we have the good news. WHY am I not storming Heaven with the same level of energy in praise and gratitude? Great Goddle Mighty, I've been heard! How can I not keep the praise from my lips?

What failing of human nature have I thought up now?


~m2~ said...

i have often wondered this, too - first and foremost, thank you Lord for answered prayers!

we do tend to storm the heavenlies when we are *under attack* and then tend to lighten the prayer load when things return to normal, as if that was *happenstance*

why is that?

you've given me something to ponder and i shall return with more mutterings in a bit...

Russell D. James said...

Having had some experience with the illness and mortality of my own mother, I can say that you are in a kind of shock and it may take a day or two for you to begin the prayers of thanksgiving for the good test results. I think that Jesus Christ, our Lord, who himself had a mother who must have ailed at times, sometimes badly, will understand the time necessary for the shock to wear off and thankfullness to set in.



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