Saturday, July 11, 2009

On Michael Jackson, from the wisest man on radio

Al Kresta, whose afternoon show on Ave Maria Radio never disappoints, offers some worthwhile thoughts, not on Michael Jackson himself but on the "Michael Jackson phenomenon."

Lest any doubt remain about Michael’s status as a commercial property, let his father lay claim. When a CNN reporter asked his father, Joe, shortly after Michael’s death, “How are you doing sir, how’s the family holding up?” Joe Jackson replied, “I’m great. My family’s doing pretty good. It has been really tough. Remember we just lost the biggest star, the biggest superstar in the world.” Most fathers would have simply said they had lost a son. Undeterred, the CNN reporter asked if he’d like to share anything about his son and his legacy. Joe Jackson throttled the tender moment and immediately squeezed in a promotional spot for his new production company proving that even the sudden, shocking death of his son couldn’t soften the stage parent from hell. Michael Jackson had been parented to be sold. Link (HT to TSO for this one.)

Iranian protesters are using the anniversary of the 1999 Tehran University student uprising to resume demonstrations against the outcome of the June 12 presidential election. An estimated 2,000 to 3,000 people crowded the streets and headed toward Tehran University, the site of the 1999 demonstrations. Several protesters were hit on the arms and backs by the Basij, according to video evidence. The militia tried to persuade one man, whose face was bleeding, to get into an ambulance, but he refused. Meanwhile we continue to watch Michael Jackson. Link




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