Monday, July 06, 2009

Worthwhile things said in my hearing

Lucky me.

"By definition, intercessors are sojourners in enemy territory."

"The enemy is powerless; he's hustling for time and leverage. He wants us to believe him enough so he can get away with a certain number of things during our lifetime."

Martha Balmer, in a talk on intercessory prayer

"Developing empathy (rather than repulsion) connects and helps them. Love says 'I'm glad you exist.'" Speaking of caring for people with problems that disturb us.

"Go slow. Don't assume."

David: "What if you want to make music and don't care about making money?"
Ron: "There are showers for that."

Exchange at weekly A2B3 networking lunch

"Are you asking for enough?"


"It's about the indissolubility, about the cleaving . . . The love of married couples is the only thing that shows to the world the love of Christ for his Church."

Fr. Eric Weber, delivering a couples' meditation on the
Feast of the Sacred Heart

"We tend to define what's possible based on our present experience. That doesn't apply where the Holy Spirit is involved."

Fr. Ed Fride, pastor of Christ the King Catholic Church

"In worship, God prepares us to see the unbearable beauty of his face."

Ed Conlin, quoting John Henry Newman

"I've Got Those Post-Pentecostal Pre-Parousia Blues."
Me, recalling the title of an old song from college days


Salome Ellen said...

I think we must have heard the same homily yesterday (I was visiting...) Either that or the Holy Spirit is hitting multiple people up alongside the head with the same message -- always a possibility!

TS said...

Ha! Great quotes, including "me"'s. I may have to lift this whole cloth for Spanning the Proverbial Globe.



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