Saturday, November 07, 2009

Archbishop Chaput's recommended reading list

. . . has 26 books. Good books. See the list here.


Marie said...

It won't let me see?

Roz said...

Sorry, Marie. I checked the link, and it's working for me. Here's the URL to copy/paste into your browser:

Marie said...

Well, now it's working. Sorry, must have been my browser. Or just my computer hates me.

Marie said...

Well, that's interesting, a bunch of C.S. Lewis. And anyone that puts Flannery O'Connor on the list is all right by me. Which is what matters, of course.

Rae said...

Thanks for posting that. I will admit that I wonder about the amount of Lewis. Is it because Lewis is that good, or because Lewis is that accessible to the average person?

Roz said...

Hi, Rae, and welcome. Good question. I find Lewis both good and accessible. Mere Christianity was hugely influential in my early days of taking God seriously.



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