Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Don't ask me for directions to the Narrow Way

I don't like where I am on this journey:

"My friend never fails to irritate me when she says those things. God, open her eyes or smite her or something!"


"I always fail to cast off my irritation when my friend says those things. God, forgive me and purify my heart!"


"There is my friend, a child of God! I rejoice in any hurt she unknowingly or knowingly does me, joining it to the sufferings of Christ!"


"There is my friend, a child of God! How can I serve her?"

I have the Directions, and the Heavenly Fuel. I have companions for the journey, and yet there I am, pulling 360's in the parking lot....


Anonymous said...
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~m2~ said...

since i couldn't comment on your post, above, i thought i'd let you know here: when you go to your blogger dashboard, you can click on "no anonymous comments" as well as a new thing i've seen that says show word verification for comments - that would enable everyone, even those who were registered b/c any company can register, to type out the word they see because if it is a computer, it won't be able to do it...

i use haloscan and haven't had spam, but have had some evil filter in...don't know which is worse...

hope this helps :)

~m2~ said...

sorry - one more thing to add - you have to click on modify template (or whatever it says) - you can't do it from your dashboard, but need your dashboard as a jumping off point, which would then make it a springboard, i suppose...and it's under "commenting" from there.

sorry for being so wordy.

now as to the post at hand? you are not the only doing donuts, therese. you are in good company.

Therese Z said...

"Doing donuts!" Hah! If I used the time I spent on resentment for good works, you'd be calling me "Mother Therese Z."

If that happens, I'd like to be holding daisies in my holy card pose. They're so cheap and cheerful....

Rosalind said...

Daisies -- okay, I've made a note of it. What would you like to be wearing?



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