Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Jesus, please help them

New Orleans and much of the deep South will never be the same again. More importantly, the survivors and the families of the lost will need great grace from God and help from us.

The people at Wiki have established a Web clearinghouse for offers to help. Click here.


Therese Z said...

I simply adore New Orleans. I don't know why, sometimes: sin is encouraged, winked at, celebrated. But it's encouraged in Las Vegas, which place give me the major creeps, but New Orleans just doesn't bother me as much.

I read of the damage to buildings I have eaten fine meals in, heard great music in, hung around in, and my heart sinks. The people seem helpless and unable to cope with this devastation. I read of one guy whose house is over 130 years old and has NEVER FLOODED, so they are not like some areas which are hit over and over again.

God preserve them and aid them.

justin said...

Just a little chime in from you local geek: a "wiki" is a type of website that allows anyone to sign on and make changes to it, the democracy of web authoring if you will. It's a generic concept, which in this particular case is being utilized by some generous volunteers.

Rosalind said...

Thanks, Justin. See what happens when a middle-aged non-geek tries to make it up as she goes along?

Deborah said...

I know of many Canadians who have sent financial help through the Red Cross. In fact, teams from Canada have left to help, having experience in flood aid because of its frequency in Manitoba.
Our prayers are sent as well; New Orleans is not just a U.S. city -- it's a world city. And Canada shares a bond with it through both countries' francophone histories.
I challenge all Canadians and all other countries to come to the aid of these poor people just as the world did for the tsunami victims.
We are all people of Earth, and when one nation bleeds, we all must respond. Political differences have no place when it comes to desperate need and human compassion. Please help any way you can, and put pressure on your governments to respond quickly and generously.



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