Monday, August 01, 2005

Less blogging and less behind

The second thing first: I posted a couple of months ago that I had joined Weight Watchers (in early May, I think). I am happy to say that I've lost nearly 25 lbs without biting hunks out of the couch, and look forward to losing lots more. God be praised! I give credit not only to Weight Watchers but to the Sacrament of Penance. Grace is truly given when I confess to the cardinal sin of Gluttony. While it's humanly just plain embarassing to have to say, on bended knee, that I sin in that way, it's also very purifying. And Jesus Christ has given me, to my bemused surpise, more and more strength to overcome it, with less of my own prideful effort and more reliance on Him.

If you have to grease yourself to fit into the confessional, but not confessing to that particular sin, please, humble yourself and name yourself a big old glutton. The Lord will bless you and help you reduce and refine your earthly appetite and strengthen your appetite for the things of Heaven.


I will be blogging a little less over the next couple of weeks as I help my mother through serious surgery. I'll check in, but I won't have much time. I welcome your prayers for all our parents, as they face serious illness and their own mortality, and for us, as we guide and walk with them in patience, charity and love.


~m2~ said...

wow, i am so flipping proud of you!!

i guess now wouldn't be the time to tell you i've lost 1.2 pounds since april 16th...i don't want to steal your thunder **rolls eyes**

will keep you and your mother in my thoughts and prayers - any saint in specific we can ask for intercession through? nice to have the team on the prayer chain :)

Therese Z said...

Thank you for your prayers!

I can't find a saint to invoke against gluttony. My goodness, there's a job opening for us - we could become the patron saint against gluttony and get our own holy card one day! (Imagine our description in the Saints Index: "....shown as holding crossed Twinkies...."

St. Anthony of Padua's habit is preserved somewhere and it's supposed to be pretty huge. Maybe he's a possible.



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