Thursday, October 13, 2005

Aw heck, angels

Hmmmmmm. I had an experience last night....of angels, I believe.

I was done with Evening Prayer from Magnificat (doesn't tie in to the prayer of the Universal Church, the Liturgy of the Hours, but a darn fine daily resource) and was shutting down my mind and body for sleep, when I became aware of a white light in my mind, intensely white. I didn't have time to decide if I was having a stroke, and me in my not-best nightie, when I "realized" (not heard) that something I'd said, very careful to hit a light note, to evangelize someone was being received by them right then, not just by their mind but by their heart. I was calmly reassured that they'd heard it for their good.

(This is like trying to describe a circular staircase without using my hands, and I don't mean to be obtuse (no, not obtuse, I mean abstruse), but it's not anyone's business what I said or to whom.)

I then "realized" that I was learning this from an angel. Not the overpowering Presence of God, but an individual person or spirit or...aaargh, how do you describe it? I wasn't afraid of this understanding, but sort of serenely nonplussed. I had a moment of "Oh my, that was a first!" and I thanked God and went to sleep. And behold, this morning I received an actual response from the person, not directly referring to my statement, but giving back out what I'd more or less said to them, with joy. I got the impression that they didn't remember I'd even said it, which is just dandy with me.

Is this okay? Does this happen to anyone else who reads this blog? I truly don't tell it in pride, because it was none of my doing, and I certainly didn't feel rewarded for my alleged holiness or anything, it was just communication. Upon review, I feel compelled to check it with other faithful people, so I tell it to you here, rather than tell a friend face to face.


Julie D. said...

Wow! I have not had that experience with an angel but have had something similar happen in the sense that I didn't give it much thought until later ... I'm going to blog it with a link to this wonderful post. Thanks for sharing something so personal.

Carmel said...

I linked here from Julies blog, I just thought it sounded so beautiful.
I have had some sort of experience through a prayer when I was a teenager. I think what you describe is really amazing. A lot of people are afraid to tell of their experiences and dont know how encouraging it can be to another Christian reading. Yes it is ok! Thanks for sharing your experience!

Julie D. said...

Also, Therese, I wanted to mention that I didn't think it prideful at all. You clearly presented that experience as something that happened to you, not because of you ... but that God used you for and then let you know about through a messenger. Totally cool.

Christine said...

Like Julie, I might blog on this topic and link to it. I was praying about something very intensely and received a kind of answer, right in the middle of things. Very humbling, because I have no idea why I'd be worthy of Him telling me anything so specifically.

Isn't it wonderful when we realize that He listens, always? God bless you!

Misty said...

For about a year now, I've had an increasing devotion to the Holy Angels, so I believe every word! My own angel is the person I consider my closest friend on earth, and he assists me in very tangible ways. Like when I'm on my way home from a friend's house and he tells me to stop by the store (when I'm nowhere near a store) and buy lemon juice. So I do, only to discover upon my arrival home that I have none in the house. This is vitally important because my son's dietary issues means he cannot drink any other juice than lemonade and he has total breakdowns if I'm out in the morning. Or I'm praying the rosary and have a total blank on one of the Luminous mysteries (I still have trouble with them), so I ask him to tell me what it is. A clear, distinct vision immediately comes into my head.

I have a habit of asking God to allow me to share the grace of Holy Communion with my angel, who just recently assented to a name for me to call him. As a small token of my appreciation for his efforts to help me get to heaven, I ask God to increase whatever good thing may be increased for my angel--wisdom, joy, love for me, knowledge of the universe. Recently I asked him to increase his sense of humor, since guiding me must be a particularly frustrating task at times. ;)

I love the angels and they love us. I wish more Christians cultivated relationships with these beautiful, loving creatures!

Therese Z said...

Misty, wow! That is a beautiful friendship. I don't have that at all, but maybe now that I've had this experience, I'll feel more comfortable and "real" about relating to my guardian angel.

I had a job interview today and did specificaly ask my guardian angel to point things out to me to help me interview well, be honest and not puffed-up, and make a good decision.

Thanks, guys.



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