Thursday, October 27, 2005

W-w-w-w-world Series?

In the big inning God created the Heavens and the Earth:
Eve stole first
Adam stole second
Gideon rattled the pitchers
and Goliath was put out by David

As a lifetime resident of Chicagoland, I am unable to figure out how to take the fact that the Sox won, and won fast and big!

Most of my family are Cubs fans, but I'm pretty neutral, although I think Wrigley Field is the most beautiful ballpark in the most beautiful city in the United States, and I usually go there once a year, get a hot dog and a beer in a squishy paper cup, burn my nose and the part in my hair, and bother my neighbors by asking stupid baseball-rule questions. I generally don't care who wins; the best part for me is seeing which celebrity shows up to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" in the seventh-inning stretch.

I really enjoy the low-key personalities of this team, and I am especially enchanted with the fact that you cannot understand every third word that Ozzie Guillen says. Listening to him, everybody in the room squints a little, trying to fine-tune their Venezuelan language filter.

Now we have a huge victory, for the first time since the unreal Michael Jordan days. Nobody exactly knows how to behave. Chicago has a better personality for underdogs than champions.

(piping up awkwardly) Go White Sox! Go Chicago!




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