Thursday, December 06, 2007

I just came across a really good one

I've added John C. Wright to my list of blogs to check regularly. He's the source of these pearls:
To those of you who think religion is a self-delusion based on wish-fulfillment, all I can remark is that this religion does not fulfill my wishes. My wishes, if we are being honest, would run to polygamy, self-righteousness, vengeance and violence: a Viking religion would suit me better, or maybe something along Aztec lines. The Hall of Valhalla, where you feast all night and battle all day, or the paradise of the Mohammedans, where you have seventy-two dark-eyed virgins to abuse, fulfills more wishes of base creatures like me than any place where they neither marry nor are given in marriage. This turn-the-other cheek jazz might be based any number of psychological appeals or spiritual insights, but one thing it is not based on is wish-fulfillment.

An absurd and difficult religion! If it were not true, no one would bother with it.

And later, in response to a commenter:

"I just thought the atheists were smarter than the Christians simply because we all said we were. I actually used to think that."

He moves right to the list of "People I would enjoy having over to dinner".

Thanks to TSO and Julie D. who offered me the breadcrumbs that got me there.


Therese Z said...

What a marvelous set of comments after his thoughtful post! High quality over does he do it?



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