Thursday, December 06, 2007

There is nothing longer

than a roll of Christmas ribbon that makes tiny tortured knots, skinchy little curls when zizzed with a scissors and looks lousy when pulled too hard, but you feel compelled to use it all up because there are starving children on the other side of the earth.

Run out, shiny green ribbon, damn you!


Roz said...

But the parents of some of those starving children on the other side of the earth are in factories manufacturing new shiny Christmas ribbon.

So go buy some. People like you make me feel guilty. And what are you doing wrapping Christmas presents already, anyway?

Kansas Bob said...

You made me smile ith that last comment TZ :)

Therese Z said...

I wrap my presents as soon as I buy them (pause while everyone rolls their eyes - I alphabetize my spices and hang my blouses by color too, ha ha ha ha)

I like the growing pile of presents, and somebody who is getting one, should they drop by before Christmas, can't see any unwrapped gifts.

I get ready for Christmas earlier every year, it makes for a more peaceful, restful Advent.

Roz said...

I lust after your organizational acumen. I like the pile of presents under the tree, too. It doesn't work, though, if you own a cat.



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