Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Owe me a Coke

In the post below, two superstitions surfaced among our memories:

Roz says you have to pick your feet up when you drive over railroad tracks so they don't get run over.

Therese says you have to hold onto a button if a hearse goes by.

What else?

Therese still notes if she puts shoes on the bed (I presume this is tempting fate that a dead body, complete with shoes, could be laid on that bed as a result)

Therese still thinks about it a second if she spills salt, or if her palms itch, or if she and a friend pass on either side of a post when walking.

However, she has progressed to the point that she no longer punches a friend on the shoulder and calls out "Slugbug!" if a VW Beetle goes by. She still punches her brother, out of sheer habit.


Roz said...

Just habit? I think not.

Elinor Dashwood said...

According to the Simpsons, the word that accompanies the punch on seeing a VW is "Punchbuggy!" I never heard of that custom myself. My sisters used to say "Bread and butter" if passing on different sides of a post. When we got married, Cacciaguida and I went aggressively anti-superstition. He declined to throw a coin in the Fontana di Trevi when he was in Rome over one Thanksgiving, and I threw away the turkey's wishbone unsnapped. My inlaws have a bunch of superstitions, including that green is unlucky. Very odd.



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