Saturday, May 07, 2011

The saga continues

In which (1) conspiracy theories about the origins of Christianity are debunked, and (2) it is demonstrated that Lutherans have a sense of humor.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


For quite a while, I've been reading atheist blogs. Although many seem to subscribe to the PZ Myers philosophy of "make enough vulgar jokes about stereotypical religion and the battle will be ours!", I've finally found one worth following.

Leah at Unequally Yoked is a lifelong skeptic who brought her vigorous debate with her Catholic boyfriend into the blog world. What distinguishes her from many, both Christian and atheist, is her willingness to engage in discussion on important issues, listen to contrary points of view, and to consider truth worth the effort of honest pursuit and engagement. 

Occasionally, Leah offers evidence that she understands the nuances of the Catholic faith better than many Catholics.
The purpose of Catholic morality isn't to give you an answer key to look up the right answers to all moral quandaries; the real goal is to inculcate the right kind of attitude and experience to lead you to pick out the right answer and understand why it's right.  It's a lot harder, but a lot truer than the list-of-answers approach.
See why I think she's good? Her statements on atheism are likewise well considered, respectful of the variety of points of view, and generally cogent. An added benefit is the cadre of intelligent commenters she's gathered. Combox discussions keep me going back.

A good example is her post on miracles. Not only is the post itself worth reading, but the comment thread evolved into a deep discussion of . . . well, you'll just have to check it out yourself.


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