Monday, April 27, 2009

Go ye unto the world and tweet the gospel

Cardinal Sean Brady, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, was present at the Sunday unveiling of a statue in honor of Fr. Patrick Peyton, a sunny, brogue-filled Irishman who was remarkably successful in the 1940s at encouraging the use of the media to promote faith and devotion to the Rosary.

Cardinal Brady's remarks are all over the internet today because of their direct applicability to this very medium.

“Fr Peyton had a great gift for using the most up-to-date means of social communication. He was pioneering in his use of television to communicate the gospel and the power of prayer through the rosary,” said Cardinal Brady.

“He attracted the support of many famous film stars along the way. I am sure if there had been mobile phones in his day, Fr Peyton would have been big into texting and Twitter. He would rejoice in the power of the internet and e-mail to join people together in prayerful solidarity instantaneously and across the world.”

This is aligned with the direction my thinking has been going. I am a heavy user of various social-connection tools for my work, and I give a lot of consideration to the ways various modes can be applied to businesses and organizations to help them be effective. I've also observed how one of the indirect effects of this involvement is, frankly, that I'm in touch with exponentially more people than I used to be without a proportional cost in extra effort and time.

This has allowed me to observe and participate in many opportunities for either explicit sharing of the gospel or simply doing what God wants me to do -- showing love and concern to the people he's created as they cross my path. Though the utilitarian measurable benefits aren't yet ready to harvest, I firmly believe that if wisely incorporated, Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, Second Life and who-knows-what-else can be successfully used in service of God's kingdom.

What do you think?

Friday, April 24, 2009

I will only tell you this if you promise not to make a big deal about it

It's my birthday. Okay, hush now.

I'm telling you this because I have to share with you a poem a friend posted on my Facebook wall. I'm charmed.

Happy Birthday, Roz Mackraz Dieterich

Let's hear some applause for the Wizard of Roz!
(Those Zs in her name merely add to her fame;
on Facebook or Twitter,
girl's handle's got glitter.)

What I'm trying to say
in a memorable way
is that this one's a
summa cum laude.

Okay, how much fun is that?

Thanks to Kathryn Dearing, poet extraordinaire.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let's hear it for Homeland Security. Um, maybe not.

Okay, I don't know what I think of Sr. Mary Martha's theology here (perhaps she's being playful and I don't get it), but here's a quotation I simply had to bring you:

"There are many other types of Scapulars, though, and they come in different colors, like our national Terror Alert System, only useful."

(And you thought I was going to talk about Janet Napolitano, didn't you?)

Mixed feelings

The news is out: Bishop Robert Carlson of Saginaw has been named the new Archbishop of St. Louis.

Those who made this choice are certainly wide awake. Bishop Carlson has been tireless and effective in helping the diocese of Saginaw emerge from its former rocky state. He was appointed to Saginaw in 2005, but it seems like it was just yesterday. Michigan Catholics will miss him. A lot.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Quotatious Friday

Easter says you can put truth in the grave, but it won't stay there.

~Clarence W. Hall

Hat tip: The Ironic Catholic

Monday, April 13, 2009

How Jesus is like a beer

And a happy Easter to you all.

The Hypostatic Union of Christ: Black and Tan

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Knight

Imagine yourself
tied to a tree,
condemned of the sins
of eternity.

Then picture a spear
parting the air,
seeking your heart
to end your despair.

Suddenly--a knight
in armor of white,
stands in the gap,
betwixt you and its flight,

And shedding His
'armor of God' for you,
bears the lance
that runs Him through.

His heart has been pierced
that yours may beat,
and the blood of His corpse
washes your feet.

Picture yourself
in raiment white,
cleansed by the blood
of the lifeless Knight,

Never to mourn
the prince who was downed,
For He is not lost!
it is you who are found.

-Johnny Hart

This was a B.C. comic some years ago. Thanks to Janet Holtz for posting it on Facebook.


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