Wednesday, July 07, 2004

How good and pleasant it is . . .

Well, in one of those sequences that only happen in a wired world, the two authors of this blog finally made one anothers' acquaintance face to face during the July 4 weekend.

After much anticipation and many phone calls, Therese and I (and Henry of A Plumbline in the Wind) got together in the Chicago suburbs. In fact, we managed to show our faces in several of them, since we gabbed and experienced the Communion of the several Saints together in one town; and went to Therese's parish for Sunday Mass in another one (intersecting more Saints, come to think of it).

There's nothing like getting together with people with whom you share faith. I highly recommend it, even for reserved and retiring types. (I'm told that it was great for our reserved participant, but I certainly can't speak as a representative of that group.) There was plenty of regular getting-to-know-you conversation, but the refreshing bulk of the time consisted of recounting the goodness of God in our lives. Thank you, Therese, for sharing and listening. It was worthy of having a stone erected as at the Jordan; we have been here, and we will remember what God has done.


Therese Z said...

This world wants us to keep our faith silent, and I spent a good hunk of my life believing that, that "religion was private." The blogworld, and our friendship, makes it possible for me to talk about what God is doing in my life and finding out what He's doing in yours, and what's amazing is that He's doing the same things in different ways. It proves His goodness and proves, in those occasional moments of doubt and confusion, His loving existence.

Our lives are blessed in Him, because of one another.

alicia said...

Hear, hear, on the blogger meets blogger front. So far I have managed to meet Bill Luse (apologia), Erik K (rants and recipes) and Peony Moss (sleepy mommies). It is always a great pleasure!

Therese Z said...

I met Pete Vere last year, and I agree that it's a blessing to meet other bloggers.



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