Monday, October 04, 2004

More on Barack and Alan

In my post below, in which I complained that our local Benedictine university invited notably pro-death Barack Obama to speak without including his opponent, passionately Catholic Alan Keyes, I copied my email complaining that Mr. Keyes was not invited to speak on this "Catholic" campus.

Well, the media got it wrong. Alan Keyes WAS invited to speak, all along, if you can believe them. That's good, but look at the "let's invoke the sainted Cdl. Bernardin" fluff to be found on their website:

The Catholic Church is not a single issue Church. The United States Conference of Bishops reminded us of this official teaching in November, 2002, when they published Faithful Citizenship: A Catholic Call to Political Responsibility. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Secretary for the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith recently, also stated that the Catholic Church is not a single issue Church.

What this means is, that as a Catholic, we do not vote for a candidate simply on his/her position on only one issue, whether that issue is: abortion, the war in Iraq, capital punishment, poverty issues, homosexuality, etc.

The late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago expressed this teaching with his beautiful analogy, "a seamless garment." There are many issues which we examine before choosing a candidate: Pro Life issues include, but are not limited to -abortion, capital punishment, stem-cell research, the war in Iraq, homosexual marriages, a living wage job, health care for all, respect for the environment, clean water for all God's children, political and economic policies which promote the common good with the needs of the poor first

In voting, the American Bishops and Cardinal Ratzinger want us to examine all these issues. Again, the Catholic Church is not a single issue Church. The pro-life issues are many.

In the words of Mad Magazine, bleaaagh.




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