Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Big evil, little evil

We are not surprised by the taunting, obscenities and frightening anger shown to pro-life marchers in San Francisco and Washington DC. We know our response is to mirror the silence and humility of Jesus Christ Himself. Even some uber-liberal media noticed this year that pro-lifers (they call them "anti-choicers") responded to "catcalls and boos" with peaceful prayer and friendly waves. It's evil, the actual Evil One, screaming through the throats of the pro-death group. It must be horrible to have that anger rising through your body.

Now, am I overimagining things, or is there a relationship between that strident evil, and whatever infects a good hunk of my friends and co-workers, who send me dirty jokes by email, and who especially can't wait to forward me the latest offensive joke about priests? These aren't viruses hijacking email lists; when I protest (softly, I promise), these people, my friends who love me, blink and say "but it's a Catholic joke: I thought you'd like it!"

Do YOUR friends knock over furniture at parties to tell you the smutty ones that start "A nun walks into the confessional.....?"


smockmomma said...

i suppose i'm not one of the "quiet" catholics so my friends who might entertain the thought of telling me tasteless anti-catholic jokes, never actually work up enough nerve to do so...or if they did, it would only happen once.

good luck, angel.



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