Friday, March 04, 2005

Ten Things I Did That You Probably Didn't

First, pray for Terri. Fast for Terri. Give money to her defense fund. Contact your US representative to push through the Federal "Terri's Law." Believe that God is very close to the Schindlers and very much in your efforts.

My blogsister Roz posted her unusualnesses at her other blog Indwelling. So, here are mine:

1. Played piano for Andy Kaufman while he was on his college "Elvis and Wrestling Women" tour.
2. Played piano at age 15 as a pit musician in the world premiere of the opera "The Prodigal Son."
3. Played cocktail party piano to pay for part of my college tuition.
4. Completely forgot I had an English final in college. I don't remember feeling like such an airhead.
5. Had a comedy show on my college radio station.
6. Wrote my uncle's obituary, and phoned it in to the Chicago papers, as an eighth-grader. The rest of the family was in shock at his sudden death at 45.
7. Learned to read and write Egyptian hieroglyphics.
8. Turned down an autograph from Mario Andretti to his face at the Indy 500 time trials because I wasn't sure who he was.
9. Talked (giggled, mostly) to Davey Jones, the Monkee, on the telephone, while he was appearing at a Chicago radio station.
10. Cut religion class, put on a Dominican sister's habit and roller skates, lit up a cigar, and skated through my high school lunchroom at noon singing the Marx Brothers' "Hurray for Captain Spaulding, the African Explorer" so I could finally get a "jug" (detention) before I graduated.

Post yours! Here or on your own blog.


Roz said...

Do you have a photo of #10? You'd get a fortune for it on eBay. And you'd gladden the heart of your co-blogger.

TS said...

Dang, but yours was extremely entertaining. Of course anything involving Andy Kaufman automatically deserves the 'most unusual' status.

Therese Z said...

No photo. I didn't tell anybody in advance, so I couldn't plant a camera with a friend.

I couldn't even believe that I was going to do it, so telling anyone was just as unreal.



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