Friday, May 13, 2005

One-step examination of consience

Dieting in faith.

Getting ready to go to my third Weight Watchers meeting this weekend. Plan is working well and I sometimes to remember to glorify the Lord in my hunger, to offer it as reparation, and to be responsible for the body He gave me. Other times I just pout.

If I feel myself beginning to start a sentence "Oh, well, what's it gonna hurt?" there's a sin coming along next. Even if I'm talking about one little cookie, or one social lie, or five miles over the speed limit.

Is there such a thing as "slightly sinful?" You can measure the bigness of sin (murder vs being impatient) but you can't use smallness to deny the reality of offending God. AND the apparent smallness of your sin is in no way an indicator of the massiveness of the sin you'd commit, given the chance.


Julie D. said...

No kidding ... and just what I needed to hear today. Thanks!

Justin said...

"five miles over the speed limit" is a huge moral dilemma for me. My choices on speeding very closely represent the flimsiness of a yo-yo dieter. Oftentimes it's even a valid barometer of my current level of spiritual courage.

How can one realistically obey the speed limits that can be painfully slow!

Therese Z said...

Ah, Justin, a man after my own lead-footed heart!

It's a great practice of preferring God's Will over ours, isn't it? He ordains all things for our good, and by following the speed limit, we are abandoning our choice, our will, to His.

I say this exact thing to myself through my gritted teeth when I make myself stay behind a slow driver and not dash around them, as an exercise in humility.



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