Sunday, October 02, 2005

Five Idiosyncracies

I've been tagged by Julie at Happy Catholic to list five things that I think are special to me, that would blow my cover if I was placed in the Witness Protection Program:

1. Like her, I read all the time. While cooking, while I'm in the bathroom, sitting in a doctor's waiting room, anywhere. Every single night before I go to bed, propped up on my "reading pillow." I have piles of books next to my bed, but I don't care what it is I read. I like the cr--shoot of picking up whatever's handy, because I don't usually have anything with me. I can get absorbed in Business Practices for Dermatologists or Fishing Digest, I don't care.

2. I know all the lyrics to millions of songs, including commercials, operetta, folk and Girl Scout songs. Once I get them down, I don't lose them, except a word here or there. I can't help it. I can even sing lyrics in other languages, phonetically, like those little Japanese child choirs that used to show up on the Ed Sullivan show - "I vant to beee hoppy buttai kent beee hoppy..." I will sing to the music in grocery stores quietly or in the car loudly. With gestures.

3. I adore card, board and trivia games, but I am almost unpleasantly competitive. I am happy if you win, but I am much happier if I win. I will do little victory sambas on my way to and from the kitchen to get you more snacks or another drink. Ruthless but hospitable.

4. My feet are never covered when I sleep. If they were, I would burst into flames. They're my temperature regulators.

5. Whenever I make soup, no matter if it's beef or sausage or chicken, it all comes out tasting the same. I make Therese Z soup, apparently. It's not bad, it just isn't very....varied.

Okay, go for it, my friend Justin at Thirsty and my blogsister Roz at your other blog In Dwelling.


Julie D. said...

I do care what I read though, scouring the house for that one book (out of the four or five) that I am reading right then. Your way is much easier. :-)

Therese Z said...

Oh, I do swoop down on one book or another. And I re-read some books every year, or even finish them and start right over again.

But I don't scorn something available to read if I have no choice. There's always something to learn!

Justin said...

Therese, you caught me with a stale blog! I was just thinking the other day that I was overdue for a post. Thanks for the kick. This one will be tough, I don't like to think of myself as unique in many ways at all... and I get in trouble for that.



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