Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Catholic Toes

I love being Catholic. In amongst the blinding washes of Grace, it's also so amusing.

This morning as I was gazing at myself in the mirrored doors of the office building elevator, I realized that the toes of my newish shoes are getting scuffed.

A grade school phrase flashed back to me: I have "Catholic Toes" on my shoes from kneeling, isn't that great? Even my clothes are getting into the service of prayer!

I love being Catholic....


Kate said...

Yeah...I remember as a teenager a bunch of the guys on my summer evangelisation team were comparing their 'prayer callouses" on their knees. And did you know that nuns have the highest occupational hazard of knee injuries?

Therese Z said...

Wow, cool facts. I also remember the old habits causing many ear infections in the teaching sisters of my grade school, which is not a suggestion that they not go back to them.



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