Monday, March 20, 2006

What is the meaning of life?

Someone is actually asking that question. Scotty, a friend of my daugher, has set up a web site at to collect and eventually publish people's thoughts on the matter. I encourage you to go over and weigh in. But don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments box before you go.

This was my contribution:
Since I believe I was created by God, looking for life's meaning from the starting question, "What does life mean TO ME?" can't get me to a fully authentic answer. It would be like asking my cat the meaning of my computer.

So, finding the meaning of life has to come from the perspective of how and why my life came to be. To the best of my understanding so far, life itself and my life in particular have not only a meaning but a deep purpose. God created me because he is so full of love that he wanted lots of company. He takes joy in my existence and that of each of us. The purpose of my life, then, is to grow into a reciprocal delightful relationship with God, let him choreograph the circumstances of my life as we go along, and finally join him fully at a big unending welcome-home party after I die.

My occasional determination to forge my own path and pursue what can only hurt me in the end is an obstacle, but a solvable one. Remembering who I really am means keeping in mind the who and why of how I came to be. Taking care of that real me can help me live fully and well. It’s similar to the way that following the owner's manual for my car and getting regular oil changes instead of drag racing dry will keep me from throwing a rod in the engine and junking what had been a beautifully-engineered vehicle.

The owner's manual for me gives me guidelines for regular preventative maintenance and instructions about personal repairs when needed. The fact that I'm oriented within my purpose enables me to cooperate with the meaning of my work, my relationships, my talents, my frustrations and my pain. There's a center of gravity, bedrock under my feet, and I know where I'm going.




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