Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Banana Bikes and Moth Balls

Happy Halloween!

We've been weakening our dental work in the office all week with an assortment of Halloween candy. The bags of candy these days are so much classier than when I was a kid. We considered a Snickers Bar the ultimate in generosity, pawing through piles of that orange- and black-wrapped oddity that is apparently stale when it comes off the assembly line, gyppy Saf-T-suckers and off-brand life savers, and boxes of raisins (the hugest gyp of all; a laxative on Halloween!)

Now, the norm is the miniature name-brand candy bars, as well as gummy everything.

I miss some favorite candies of my childhood (1960's) - what we called "moth balls," which were malted milk balls, which I still love, and "Banana Bikes" which I SWEAR I thought was the right name until only about five years ago, when I discovered that they were Banana Taffy from the Kathryn Beich company. Not until I read a newspaper account of a factory fire there did I learn the right name. I like the Bike name better. They were about as "banana" as Circus Peanuts are...vanilla?....what flavor are those, anyway?

I miss the days when candy like Banana Bikes and
Now and Laters made your mouth sweat.

I'm a candy fogey.


Anonymous said...

I'll say Banana Bikes were my favorite lollies of all time. Still crave for them.
I also loved
Caramel tablets
Cricket Balls
Milky K Bars
Pink Elephants ice creams
Nutty Cha Cha's
Nutty Snaps & Peppy's
Ho Hum they were the good ole days.

Lil' Tommy said...

I don't care what anyone on the news calls them. They were then and always will be Banana Bikes! I grew up in a town of 200 people and that's what they were called in our sleepy little town, so I almost have to assume they were marketed under that name at one time. I remember Heide's Red Hot Dollars as well and we called those Red Pennies and at the price of 2 for a penny, a dime would buy darn near a whole days worth of candy. Those were the good old days when if you were a kid and you walked in the candy store with a quarter, you could buy two full size candy bars, probably twice as big as the ones you can buy now for a buck and half. Or you could get 50 Red Pennies or 25 pieces of penny candy and mix in some bazooka bubble gum with the bazooka Joe comics in them. Times like that are long since gone but for those of us that can remember those simpler times they were great times.



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