Friday, June 08, 2007

Chicken going up

I got in the elevator at work with one other person, who pushed 9. I work on 7, but in a moment of absent-mindedness, I pushed 3. Can't unpush the button, so instead of apologizing and pushing 7, therefore making my elevator partner spend TWO floors of stops thinking I'm an idiot, I got off on 3 and rang for the next elevator. If there had been five or six people on the elevator, I probably would have faded back and let 3 come and go, stepped forward and confidently pushed 7.

Look, there's Elevator etiquette that mentions this dilemma!

I didn't want even the slightest moment of discomfort, feeling stupid, like this was going to ruin her day or mine. So to get away from my innocent blunder and the tiny fall from pride, I wasted my time, cosseting my pride, standing there on the third floor, waiting for another elevator. Dear Father, let me train myself in the humility of these little things, so I might be ready for the greater You wish to give me!


owenswain said...

Pride going down. All aboard.


kc bob said...

This was really good. I linked back to you and used the elevator etiguette in a post today.



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