Saturday, September 22, 2007

Where the heck am I?

The development labs of the Curt Jester have once again come up with an indispensable piece of equipment for our Christian travels - a spiritual GPS (Grace Positioning System).
Through gyroscopic precession the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son into your life is tracked. When you start to back slide it causes our specially made gyroscope and accelerometer in our inertial guidance system. The inertial guidance system measures directly how inert you are to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. When it detects back sliding the negative acceleration is detected and you are immediately warned.

One of its extra features is the Tabernacle Locator, handy for those churches where it's hard to know which direction to genuflect. Warning: plotted routes will tend to be narrow and steep rather than broad and flat.


Therese Z said...

I fell in bloglove with His Curtness when he displayed Mary's Fiat, complete with rosary on her rearview mirror.

It's sad/fun to watch devout people at my church genuflect with a 45-degree twist to the left to aim at the tabernacle in our side chapel. I gave up and I bow to the altar, honoring the saints whose relics are there, and the Holy Sacrifice we will be shortly re-presenting there, dear wonderful gift that it is.



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