Wednesday, October 10, 2007


It's Women's Retreat time again. This weekend, I will join my blogsister Roz at her parish, Christ the King in Ann Arbor MI.

My posts leading up to last year's retreat, my first ever as an adult, are here, here and here.

I was pretty nervous last year, wondering if I would fit in, if I would over- or under-react, if false teachings would be presented with enough passion and charisma that I'd be drawn astray. The last item is no problem; that is one devout bunch of women, wonderful happy faithful hearts. All of us worry a little if we'll make an idiot of ourselves, but that's just pride packin' its bags to come along.

What IS new is that I am looking forward to "prolonged periods of prayer," as the schedule says. Not that I'm any better at prolonging my concentration; if anything, I think I'm worse at it than a year or so ago. What I am is more content to sit and wait upon the Lord, to draw myself back to the meditation at hand, to offer up for God's Mercy whatever is jumping around in my mind.

The speaker this year will be offering us some insights in Ignatian Spirituality, the loving path to God described by St. Ignatius for his Jesuits. I don't know Thing One about it, except that the classic Ignatian retreat is 21 days, so it must be very rich and very exacting. Cool! - what else in life these days is rich and exacting?

St. Ignatius of Loyola. I wish his look wasn't quite so penetrating...

So pray for us. I'll pray for you, all Christians in my corner of the blogworld specifically. If you have a prayer intention you'd like me to take with and offer to the Lord, please email me or put it in the comments below.


kc bob said...

A bit late.. but praying for a great time of rest, encouragement and revelation for you both.

Therese Z said...

Thank you! I prayed by name for you and FTM and lots of other bloggers, that Jesus bless you with His Love and Grace in a more intimate way every time you come to Him in prayer.

Glad to be home, glad to have the time of rest and sistership and prayer. More to come.



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