Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What it takes to be a bad blogger

Pauli of Es Quod Est has posted a mea culpa list entitled "Why I am a Bad Blogger." I appreciate this very much, because I have always wondered how to clean up my shabby act. Some of his items include:
No stated commenting policy. A lot of the big-time bloggers have these. They say things like “Don’t use threatening language toward other commenters or their expensive pets.”

Not enough posts beginning with the word "so" as in "So my wife and I went to a nightclub last night . . ."

No "true confession" moments

Lack of misspellings

Well, I can do better than that. Here are some of the things that make me a much worse blogger than Pauli:
I lose most of my ideas. I get dozens of ideas for posts that I'm sure will be scintillating, insightful and will gain me hordes of readers. Unfortunately, most of these are scribbled on little pieces of paper that end up clumped in the bottom of my purse and grease-stained by the Chapstick that's lost its top.

I use little original material. I love inspiring quotations, so I pass them along to you. When I share insights or flashes of wisdom, they're probably things I've cribbed unconsciously from others and am passing along as my own. And amusing anecdotes, of course, are usually actions that have been sparklingly performed by someone who is not me.

I'm inconsistent.
Sometimes I'm here a lot. Sometimes I'm AWOL for long periods. I don't know if it matters, and I apologize if it causes a problem for anyone (as if!). But it's just the way it is; I have no explanation. My attention goes somewhere for a while and then I get involved with other things. If you saw the other pieces of my life, you might be surprised. My interests and enterprises are quite varied and I find keeping everything moving forward an interesting challenge. Even my husband has a hard time keeping track of what I'm into at the moment.

I love fun. I just am not earnest enough. Humor trumps many other things for me (which is why I have another blog just for things that amuse me). But my love for the humorous turn of phrase, combined with my love for the things that touch me with spiritual depth, probably cause some awkward gear-changes for my readers. If so, I hope you enjoy the ride.

So there you are. If you want to add to the list, call me to repentance or give me new ideas about how to be an even worse blogger, the comment box is there for your enjoyment. Since I have no commenting policy, I am free to delete offensive comments with no warning, justification or excuse. Bad bloggers cling to their delusions of power, you see.


MamaT said...

Well, sign me up on the bad blogger list, too!

Only I don't start my posts with "so", I start mine with "well," (see above!)

And I'm not original AT ALL.

Pauli said...

So. Nicely. Done. You definitely have "what it takes", welcome to the Bad Bloggers Club. However I am king for life; I will not surrender my crown of blogging horribleness.

Roz said...


We'll see about that.

Pauli said...

Roz, you misspelled the name of my blog as "Es Quod Est"! This makes you a more authentic blogger than I will ever be.

Pauli locuta, causa finita.

Roz said...

You are right. As a gesture of appropriate humility in the presence of the King of whatever it is we're measuring, I will leave the error as it stands as a testimonial to my ineptitude as a blogger.

kc bob said...

No such thing as a good or bad blogger.

Pauli said...

Moral relativism reigns in the blogosphere.



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