Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quick Takes, a day late

I've been looking forward to joining the "7 Quick Takes" bandwagon, and then I let Friday go by without doing anything about it. So, though a day late, I hope I'm not a dollar short. (That is a really lame use of idiom. Don't try this at home.)
  1. I've started an intermittent series of helpful hints over at In Dwelling that will be tagged "Let me 'splain it to you". Stop on by to say hello.

  2. One of my almas mater is playing the other one in football this afternoon. There is no contest for my affections. Go Blue!

  3. I'm sort of enjoying living a more simple life since our household financial situation has been affected by the downturn. I would like it, though, if travel could still be an intermittent part of our lives. My current cravings (besides cruising the country to visit my kids and hitting the Atlantic ocean from time to time) include the British Isles, Lebanon, and revisits to Italy and Turkey.

  4. I have the cutest grandchildren. Case closed.

  5. I was reared Catholic, spent 15 years at a Presbyterian Church, and then reverted to the Catholic Church in 2004. Therefore, I'm reasonably fluent in both Catholic and Evangelical language. I've been thinking of attempting some posts explaining some aspects of Catholicism in a way that attempts to be clear to Protestants in order to increase understanding. Would this be worthwhile, or has it been done to death? Any suggestions on what should be covered? Let me know your thoughts, either in the comment boxes or via email.

  6. I've been a little preoccupied with politics lately, what with concerns about choice and conscience provisions in health care and the propriety (or not) of calling the President of the United States a liar during an internationally-televised session of Congress. It's not very good for me. I have a pretty good analytical mind, but it's hard for me not to get bent out of shape and become argumentative. I hereby remind myself of my personal maxim: If I'm not required to hold an opinion on an issue or have no responsibility for an area, it's perfectly okay to delay forming (much less voicing) said opinion.

  7. I wish people would stop sending mail to my house with my late husband's (or my former married name) on it. I didn't live here until two weeks before Henry and I married, which should clearly demonstrate that Late Husband never had this address. The ultimate transgression happened today: Henry got mail addressed to "Mr. Henry Latehusbandname".

    Please cut it out, Stumpy's Sprinkler Maintenance and whoever else you are. If you haven't yet learned who lives here, chances are we don't value the communication you're sending. (Forgetful old friends who address correspondence while on autopilot are exempted from this scolding.)


Carolyn said...

Loved this 7 Quick takes! Welcome to the party. X.

P.S. It's SERIOUSLY cold in Britian right now so you're not missing much! :-)

Marie said...

Turkey? Oh, take me with you!! It's my dream to take my kids there when they are a bit older, but I honestly don't know how to assess safety levels on travel anymore. But how can I not show them Hagia Sophia, and Gallipoli? How about you take my kids, you've got the travel thing down, right?

I like your maxim about forming opinions, I'll give it a run, but I'm afraid making pronouncements on topics I have no real knowledge or understanding of is my favorite hobby. If only you could get a job doing that -- wait, I bet you can. . . .

The junk mail thing is a pain, my husband more often than not will write "return to sender" on junk or use the little return envelope inside a solicitation to mail a note saying to leave us alone. I don't think it does any good. I think there are organizations out there that help cut back on it. Unfortunately, it's all so automated that you can't even call some company up and give them a good guilt trip.

Good luck on the translation, I have often found I'll get deep into a conversation with someone and suddenly realize we've been using the same words for very, very different things the whole time. Have had a few a ha moments. For example, talked to one friend who didn't get the whole pray to Mary thing. I so patiently explained my standard line, that if I can ask her to pray for me why can't I ask Mary to pray for me, we both believe death isn't the end, right? And she basically explained to me that to her, talking to dead people was like appealing to ghosts. Oh. I never, ever, ever got that. Not that I agree, but now it makes sense what her aversion is. So I don't know if there's anything you can write that would help an Evangelical get Catholicism, but maybe I'll get Evangelicism better if I read them?

Roz said...

About Catholics getting Evangelicals better, that's an interesting point. I don't know if I'd be great at it -- I was probably the most Marian Presbyterian on record (though until recently probably one of the least Marian Catholics).

It reminds me of something my sister told me. She and her husband are devout Catholics (and raising devoutly Catholic daughters, which is harder), but she told me of a time when they had some guests over and were talking about some devotional topic when she was interrupted and had to leave the room. One of the guests turned to my brother-in-law and said, "My, she's a Protestant little Catholic, isn't she?"

I suppose the fact that we're sisters goes deeper than the shared curly brunette hair.

Warren said...

We get mail addressed to my mother even though she died 14 years before our house was built and never lived in the state of Michigan.



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