Friday, November 19, 2010

Quick Takes - Roz's quirky gratitude list

In honor of the approach of Thanksgiving in the U.S., here are some things that may be unusual to find on a gratitude list:

I am grateful that
  1. Sometimes, people who don't impress me at first as being anything special turn out to be wonderful.
  2. That Jesus went ahead and ushered me into the fullness of fellowship with the Trinity despite the fact that, at the time, I considered him pretty lucky that I'd gotten around to believing in him.
  3. That my children are a lot of fun to be around.
  4. That I never got embroiled in a truly awful romantic relationship.
  5. That I get to go to the Adoration Chapel at my church, and -- look -- there he is! Jesus.
  6. That, during a trip to Rome, I accidentally ended up at Mass at Santa Maria della Vittoria and got to spend the time gazing at this instead of listening to Marty Haugen music at the church across the street.
  7. That Cabbage Patch dolls taught me that something homely can be truly beautiful.
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    kc bob said...

    Quirky for sure! Happy Thanksgiving Roz!

    Laura The Artist said...

    I found this post to be very witty and I thank you for making me consider these very same things in my life. :)

    Anne said...

    Amen to #1! And #4 :)



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