Tuesday, May 11, 2004

My favorite Mystery

I've always loved mystery stories. If there weren't an Agatha Christie or Dorothy Sayers next to my bed, you'd find Josephine Tey or Rex Stout.

But I'm talking about a Divine Mystery here. The second Joyful Mystery - the happy visit between Mary and Elizabeth. Two women, each who have known social disgrace because of their childbearing or lack thereof, kinswomen of different generations, take delight in each others' greetings because God is pouring down love and comfort through one another.

I have long loved the verse from Luke, "Blessed is she who believed that the word of the Lord to her would be fulfilled," hoping that this word would be true for me as well. It was always a reminder that my only hope lay in the fulfillment of God's word to me. My own efforts in any other direction would stumble and fall, and good riddance to them, I say. I don't want to go in another direction, however successfully. God, may I please be blessed by faith that your word to me will be fulfilled. Let me imitate Mary and cooperate in whatever it is that you want to do.




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