Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Behold the Lammagod!

That's what the sweet college-aged girl who sits behind me at morning Mass every Tuesday clearly says at the Agnus. I forget she's going to do it each week, so I'm not distracted by waiting for it. It adds a smile to my Hosanna.

She sits very close to me, and it startled me when she started coming, great big church and she pulls in right behind me, right over my shoulder. But this morning, it reminds me of when I started back to daily Mass after a long, confused, sinful absence. I've done waves of daily Mass since college, stopping and starting without purpose or understanding, moved by God's Grace but not very interested in His Way.

The other times I always sat so far back I was in another zip code. I observed Mass more than participated in it. It reflected the life I was trying to live, near God but not too near.

This round (no, this beginning, because I can't see how this could stop) I sat nearer the front, mostly because I was trying to move an effective distance from a yawner who was very damaging to the concentration. I moved up, up, up the pews until I found a place to stop.

If you're sitting too far back or too far over, move up! You don't have to sit in the front row, no need to look right up Father's nose, but maybe consider your moving a symbol for your moving closer to the Heart of Christ.




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