Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I hadn't noticed the holiness before

I ran into a guy from church at the gas station. I know him by reputation as a good, generous, holy man, on fire for the faith. I've never talked to him directly about his love for the Lord, because we're usually buzzing by each other at a parish event.

Today, as I shot the breeze with him, I realized I could see the gleam of kindness and serenity in his eyes. We again didn't talk about faith issues, but his gentleness and strength and Christian friendliness were evident.

When I was busy playing games with the Church, come here come here go away go away, what on earth did I think of people like him? I'm afraid I may have only noticed a lame suit or a bad haircut or a sense of humor or an interesting brain.

Does faith reveal faith in others?

(and the corollary: do I have that gleam? I gotta get it if I don't.....)


GG said...

It was so great to meet you! You're an awesome woman. God bless.

Therese Z said...

I truly enjoyed meeting all of you, too. Such a fun, lively, happy group of people!



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