Thursday, November 10, 2005

Roz digs toe into rug


Julie D. said...

I have deliberately been NOT asking, "Where is Roz?"

But I have been missing you and THINKING it! :-)

Therese Z said...

Yay! I was paying the ransom $1 a year for a million years.....

TS said...

Nice comeback post Roz. Cool photo. I was beginning to think I'd next see you on a milk carton rather than this blog! :-)

But you shouldn't feel any pressure to post. You have more important things to deal with.

Therese Z said...

Oh, yes, she should. I've been on stage far too long. Get the hook!

TS said...

We love you too Therese Z! You're still on the hook for postage.

TS said...

"For posts" I meant. My wife and I have a habit of adding "-age" to words.

Therese Z said...

Don't feel odd about the "age;" I worked at a Catholic university fresh out of college, and for YEARS afterward I typed "seminary" for "seminar" every time.



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