Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ungenerous virgins? Mean old king?

Original post lost....

It was a very nice post about comparing the virgins of today's reading who wouldn't share their oil with the foolish virgins, and the king who threw the guy out from his son's wedding feast, after he was invited in at the last minute, because he didn't have a wedding garment. Readiness is the key; neither the virgins or the wedding guests were expected to bring presents, just themselves, properly armed with lamps, oil, and wedding garments.

I lost the article somewhere in blogger or because of AOL problems. Trust me: it was a nice effort. I won't rewrite it, we'll just move on as soon as we solve our problems....


Kate said...

You know, I've always wondered the same thing. Not so much the "mean old king" because its a bridegtroom after all and one figures he has other things on his mind, but the wise virgins sound awfully selfish and self-righteous.

But maybe I just think that because I'm afraid I'm more like the foolsih virgins.



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