Friday, September 01, 2006

Careless soup

I am so sorry that I have been gone so long. I saw Roz and Henry get married, went on vacation (Graceland was GREAT even in 107 degree weather) and came back to busy season at work. A few weeks of not blogging got to be a few more weeks and so on...and I have so much to say and ask you all about my surprising new role as office evangelist!

But here's the tiny idea that inspired me to come back:

I was on the phone all this evening, arranging weekend happenings and catching up with friends who have complicated lives. I crouched the phone on my shoulder and got around finally to making soup with the fridge full of veggies that have been peering out reproachfully at me every time I looked in there.

I talked and chopped and laughed and sauteed and interrupted and didn't measure anything and threw all sorts of things in there. Tossed in some herbs, don't know which ones, I was listening to someone just then.

The soup is phenomenal, among the best I've ever made. And I didn't make my usual 400 gallons because I don't know when to stop fussing with it; it made about a half-potful, three portions to freeze, one to eat for dinner.

Perfection with about one-fourth of my mind on the effort. Why is this? Is this a good model, or just dumb luck?


Kate said...

That's been my experience with soup too...because if I'm paying too much attention I tend to over-do it. I think it's probably true of a lot of things that, really, you already need to do well but overthink. A little bit of distraction can be very beneficial.

Roz said...

I don't know about dumb luck. I'd probably feel deprived that there's no way I could ever duplicate it.

Good as can be to see you here again.

Julie D. said...

Hey, I don't care why it worked, I'm just happy it brought you back, even if only for a bit. :-)

Therese Z said...

Hello everyone!

Yes, Roz, the little pang of not being able to duplicate it is part of the story. I guess I should just be thankful for the success and cultivate the confidence that I might do it again sometime!

Therese Z said...

And thank you Kate and Julie D, too, didn't mean to jump past you. My sister-in-law always says "don't make it TOO good" by which she means don't try too hard or you'll ruin it.



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