Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Erste heute

I grew up hearing adults on the grumpy blond side of my family say this when they lifted a drink (or even a cup of coffee). In German, it means "first one today" and is a pleasant, low-key toast. I did have several relatives who would say it and you knew it wasn't, but that's another grief for another day...

I was pleased anew this morning that my first audible words of the day were "In the Name of the Father, and of the Son... at morning Mass. What a great privilege!

On the days that I go early to work, or sleep in, my first words are often directed at the Starbucks drive-through speaker, or at an errant driver. I've become really aware of when I first hear my own voice every day. What are your first words every day? I hope they are loving, or pleasant, or grace-filled.


Justin said...

*groggy* "hey, morning"

4 months ago:
- wake up
- ~45 mins pass as I prepare for work & bike to mass
- first words, "In the name of the Father, and of the Son..."

- wake up
- thank my roommate for turning on the light or accept his thanks, groggily.
- shovel down a bowl of cereal at varying speeds
- morning prayer! with 7 others plus 1 puppy, 10 mins after waking.

TS said...

My first words are typically "parade! parade!".

I suppose an explanation is in order.

My wife got me in that habit, as that's what she always says as she leads our cats and dog down the staircase in the morning.

Therese Z said...

Justin, 7 others? Your life has changed, what happened? I looked at your blog and don't see any "intentional community" changes.

TS, that's cute! I always thought animals would barrel down ahead of you with "I gotta go to the bathroom" or "eat eat EAT" looks in their demeanors!

TS said...

Oh yeah they tend to lead the way, so the "Parade! Parade!" call is more like saying "Fire! Fire!" after the building has burned down. :)

Justin said...

Yep, intentional community hits the nail on the head; I vaguely mention it in various posts but I guess not in really big red letters. I rejoined the ecumenical, charismatic, covenant community that I grew up in. Unfortunately there's not a branch in Chi-town so I'm just down the street in South Bend.

Therese Z said...

I'll have to read that link - maybe you can blog someday about being a Catholic in a devoutly Christian ecumenical community.

TS, now that I think about it, I have a feeling that *I* barrel down the stairs with a "gotta go - eat eat" demeanor myself!



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