Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shallow observations

1. I'm almost to the point of trying to put all my clothes into the washing machine and/or dryer inside-out, so that maybe, just once, they will come out rightside-to.

2. A bad thing about Reality TV is when your
favorite show is not anybody else's favorite show at the office. You have nobody with whom to talk about it, and you'd feel stupid going on the show's blog.

3. We each got a heart cookie in the office today for Valentine's Day, and everybody acted like pleased toddlers. Is that our inner child, or our immature adult talking?


kc bob said...

I can relate a bit.. part of the fun of watching my favorite reality show is the Idol talk the next day :)

Tienne said...

I will talk with you about Project Runway! I love that show!

Of course, the season is over now, but what did you think of the final three collections and the eventual winner?



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