Sunday, March 09, 2008

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

We continue to observe an unintended blog silence here, sorry. Roz is enjoying a brisk and full family life, and my blogging time has been reduced by a crackdown at work on non-business internet use (with monitoring by the IT people made necessary by all the dumbkopfs downloading music and viruses and pictures and viruses and just plain viruses, I guess). I got used to blogging at lunchtime, and haven't learned to fire up the computer when I get home.

Until I get my mental schedule adjusted, I pray for your growth in the Spirit and for myself, to be freed from my sinful weaknesses. Lord, have mercy!


kc bob said...

I thought you all had given up blogging for lent :)

Not really but I have missed you both.. so let me provide you with a bit of encouragement.

As I am more familiar with the bloggings and commentings of Therese I will speak to what I know about my friend TZ and you can receieve these words by association Roz.. I have enjoyed your bloggings as well.

TZ, I so admire your spirit.. your attitude and most of all your heart. In your writings you consistently display a deep connection with Jesus and and with your church. I can always depend on you to stand your ground with grace and humility. Some who have not read much of your stuff may take you the wrong way.. I did at first.. but once one reads much of your stuff they will admire you for the godly person you are.

I hope that this didn't embarrass you TZ.. just receive it in the spirit of this beautiful season.. and no.. I have not been drinking :)

He is Risen!!

Therese Z said...

Well, make me cry at my desk, KBob! God has blessed you with a generous heart. How can we remove the states between Illinois and Kansas so we can pull up our blogs for a chat?

kc bob said...

One of our states just needs to annex Missouri :)

Therese Z said...

We'll take it, we need the hills.

kc bob said...

You all need to come back.. again :)

Just an encouraging nudge :)

eulogos said...

I love the hymn whose title this takes. Never heard it in a Catholic church, though, alas.

Tell the IT people it is their job to filter out the viruses and prevent downloading of videos if it takes too much bandwidth.

When looking at the internet from my job, I see "Active content removed" wherever there was a video. Much preferable to having no access.

Theoretically we are not supposed to use the internet for non work related stuff even on our lunch hours. However this is honored in the breech. Yesterday I heard my boss's boss say that they don't have internet access at home because
anything they need to do on the internet they can do at work. His wife, he said (who also works there) shops on the internet, pays bills, looks up stuff, all while at work. He plans their trips, makes airplane and hotel reservations..... I wish I had had a tape recorder as proof against anyone ever saying anything about my excursions on Catholic blogs from work.

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