Friday, September 17, 2004

Giving and receiving and Love

Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body is an amazing work. I'm currently reading Christopher West's exposition and commentary titled The Theology of the Body Explained. I am wowed and inspired on almost every page.

Today, this grabs me about the nuptial nature of our relationship with God.
This is the language of the nuptial embrace: "I give myself totally to you, all that I am without reservation. Sincerely. Freely. Forever. And I receive the gift of yourself that you give to me. I bless you. I affirm you. All that you are, without reservation. Forever." This is an experience of being chosen by eternal Love.

He's talking about sexual union in marriage. And a person's union with God. The free giving and receiving without fear, without restriction, full of love -- and Love.

I refuse to let my mind get away with reducing this to metaphor. If I don't experience this as characteristic of my relationship with God, then there's more for me. It's not aspirational -- it's descriptive, both of marriage and of Marriage. Between a husband and wife, between Christ and his Bride.

I want it. God, please take me seriously about this. Fix what needs fixing, change what needs changing, but please don't let me settle for a mere shadow of what's possible.


DJ said...

What a beautiful post. While you're praying that for yourself, add a "oh, same for Dave, too" while you're at it.




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