Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Letting our voices be heard

Maybe it's a contagious disease I've gotten from the blog world, but I am writing more emails in protest to companies for their support of abortion, or promoting the radical gay agenda, or hosting stupid radio shows that encourage sex acts in Catholic cathedrals. Sometimes I worry that I'm a crank, and sometimes I feel like a useful squeaking wheel.

I picked up the fact that Barack Obama, the keynote speaker of the Democratic convention, who is running for Senate in my home state of Illinois, has been invited to speak at "Catholic" Benedictine University in suburban Lisle, Illinois. I found the "contact us" location on their website and fired off this, hopefully polite, note:

I am horrified to hear that you have invited pro-abort, pro-gay-marriage Barack Obama to speak at your Catholic university. Please don't expect me to believe that you are inviting him in the interests of "hearing from the candidates," or you would be inviting Alan Keyes as well.

I am happy to know that, little by little, "Catholic" schools who ignore Church teachings are being revealed by their actions, making it easy to know where to place our children and our support.

Please reconsider this invitation, at least extending the invitation to BOTH candidates for the Senate.

NOTE: Alan Keyes, the Republican candidate, was a last minute jump-in after the prior candidate resigned over embarassing revelations about his first marriage. Alan has been stepping on his tongue a lot, but speaking with passion and courage about the hard moral issues facing Illinois and the nation. He's being ignored and vilified in the state, and I feel sorry for him.

I hope all of us are making complaints, making our voices heard. Even telling our friends our positions, sometimes the hardest challenge of all. So much easier to be silent.......




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