Thursday, September 30, 2004

Uh oh, it's that "Dignity" word

Our company just informed us that we will be receiving MANDATORY "Dignity and Respect in the Company" training. The word "diversity" showed up in the same sentence.

I'm not looking forward to this. Our participation is required and monitored. I bet we have to sign something.

As a Catholic Christian, I must and strive to respect and love all my brothers and sisters because Jesus died to free all of us from sin, and to open the gates of Heaven to all. But I'm guessing that I will be required to "celebrate" diverse lifestyles that I cannot approve of.

I've already refused to participate in United Way contributions because they support abortion providers in many states and women's shelters who refer women to abortion providers in my state in particular. That's only garnered mild disappointment from the boss, who got leaned on for full staff participation.

Probably borrowing trouble, but...... anybody had any experience with this in their jobs?


alicia said...

I have always used the 'designated donation' for United Way, and designate my local CPC. It irks the heck out of them, but they are required to do this.
What Chesterton called 'nanny government' continues to degrade the work-place. my employers were ready to throw out perfectly good rolling stools because they had 4 wheels, not 5, and OSHA regs thought they were too unstable! (I know have several of those chairs and stools at home.....)

Therese Z said...

I wonder if I can "designate" in donations through my company? I LOVE that idea even better than not giving, because it's a witness that I am careful where my giving goes.

I'll check that out! Thanks!!!

Roz said...

It's funny you should bring this up. I've been noticing the word "dignity" a lot in my reading, e.g. standing during parts of the liturgy is indicative of the dignity of the believer. I'd like to learn more about that. Grabbing at dignity feels unseemly, but being bestowed dignity by God -- well, that's a different kettle of fish.

I'm all for Dignity and Respect. I suspect that this training is going to be a somewhat cumbersome exhortation to treat all people with what any of us would have called "common courtesy" several years ago.

eulogos said...

If you designate, does ALL of your contribution go where you designate it, or is there some tiny portion which goes to run the United Way? I am not sure we want to be involved at all with an organization which supports Planned Parenthood. I said this at breakfast after daily mass (there was a man there whose wife works for United Way...) and the priest said that our Catholic School gets lots of contributions through United Way. I told them I thought the church shouldn't have anything to do with it. He just sort of shrugged. I think it makes a point to the Boss and in the company that you have an objection. Where I work, for state government, there is a program which takes only designated contributions, through payroll deduction. It just matches up donors and organizations. I give to Mom's House, a free day care center for single parents who are full time students. It was started by some women who felt that working in Birthright they were not able to do enough to help the women with the problems of an unplanned pregnancy.

What is CPC?
Susan F. Peterson

Therese Z said...

A CPC is a crisis pregnancy center.

I don't know if there's a little that goes to abortion mills, so by not giving at all to United Way, I don't have to worry. If your Catholic school gets donations from UW, and you don't give to United Way, you could always donate directly to the school, making the point that you deliberately sidestepped UW to do it. The charity you mention sounds perfect as a non-Church place to give.

The company I work(ed) for is so big, that complaining or discussing it would be fruitless in our regional office, there's nothing they could do, even if they wanted to, so I never bothered. Now I just changed jobs to a slightly smaller company and it'll be interesting to see if they have a charitable program and if it involves UW, because then I'll get to refuse again.



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