Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Medical marijuana my eye!

My own short thought on medical marijuana: as someone with glaucoma, who is getting a little tired of my ex- (or still-)stoner friends digging me in the ribs and pointing out, in a surprising Cheech and Chong whine that takes me right back, that I can probably justify a little daily toke, man, this is what my eye doctor told me: that I would have to smoke marijuana at least ten times every day, evenly spaced throughout the day and night, to get any relief for glaucoma's increased interocular pressure. He further said that there is not a symptom eased by marijuana that isn't also eased by any other legal drug.

So it's no use asking me to share.


Julie D. said...

How would you ever be able to get anything done if you were smoking 10x/day? You'd never be focused again ... and I AIN'T talking about your eyes! (I say this as someone who went to college in the late '70s ... wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Therese Z said...

I know! I also went to college in the late 1970's and was one of the very few who hadn't ever tried it (I saved that silly experience until my early 20's).

When I think of the witty talk, the sparkling repartee that went on at the parties while I was in college.....oh, wait, that was only in my imagination.

Those are times I would NEVER repeat!

MTR said...

Hillarious title choice! :-)



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