Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This is how I'd like to be sent out the door every morning

When I was young, my mother was always with us when we left for school. She would remind me about forgotten homework or lunch, make one last fruitless pass through my hair with the brush, give me a kiss and then wave from the window as I walked down the block.

Now I live a much more independent life. For now, I have two adult daughters with me who greet me a little perfunctorily but warmly when I walk in and to whom I yell "Bye" from the door on my way out. But it's not the same, is it?

Well, I found this lovely encouragement yesterday; it made me wish there were someone to pronounce it over me every day when I leave the house:
I exhort you to be courageous now and always without becoming bewildered by difficulties, and always trusting in Him who is your Friend and your Redeemer, and watching and praying to keep your faith sound and your grace lively.
John Paul II
Isn't that just the life you want? Maybe I'll just tape it to the inside of my front door.


Therese Z said...

Lively Grace is the most beautiful grace, too. Nobody can resist it.



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