Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Holy Spirit at the Movies

There's not much difference between sucking and blowing, when you read the early critical reviews of The DaVinci Code. Can't help but enjoy the critics' disillusionment with the product of two powerful and popular actors and moviemakers. Enjoy it? I love it!

Why is this movie such a mess, such a dreadful mess of cliche and lowering turgidity? You can answer the question when you remember the beauty and strength of The Passion of the Christ. There's tangible grace in that movie, the joy promised and given to us by the Passion, Death and Resurrection. The passion of Mel Gibson flowed from his love for Jesus, and flowed back out in the movie. I think the only passion inflaming Ron Howard and Tom Hanks (both of whom I really like and am really disappointed by) was to make a sensational film, a lot of money, and that type of passion shows in the final product, at least per the critics.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for showing us Your Divine Breath in the arts and in literature. You are the source of all Beauty and all Truth, and You've given us another visible sign of Your Presence.


kc bob said...

Unfortunately the box office receipts are off the chart. You might want to check out Two Thoughts about ‘The Da Vinci Code’ at the Good Steward site.

Therese Z said...

Good point, but I don't care if the receipts are off the chart, the movie's still lousy, so it won't live as "art."

And I am quite sure that XMen will blow it away this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Therese z,
Appomattox is a girls name? Doesn't your name sound a lot like Tarik Aziz, former prime minister of Iraq? I wouldn't be casting too many stones. Still, I'll be adding your site to my bookmarks.Bye.



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