Sunday, May 07, 2006

I've made a million!

(over my working life, that is...)

I got that annual Social Security Statement of Earnings that they mail (when did that start?) and a quick eyeball addition of the wages I've made since 1973 ($726 that year) total well over $1.2 million dollars. Goodness gracious, so THIS is what a million looks like - a condo and a ten-year-old car and a little moolah in the bank.

It furnishes food for thought: if I'd tithed 10% of it over the years, I'd have given about $100K to charity. If I'd saved another 10% over the years, I'd have $100K in the bank. IF IF IF. Neither of those happened in any consistent way, and I wonder if I'd have ever missed the 10% of either, since I do more than that now, and have a comfortable cash flow.

Too bad we can't see other totals of our working life or adult life or sex life. How many lies? How many kisses? How many apologies? How many good deeds? How many filthy thoughts? How many gossipy unkind asides? How many Holy Communions? Or the facetious ones: how many Quarter Pounders? How many margaritas? How many episodes of Dick Van Dyke?

Or think of what you can count up on one hand: how many martinis (3)? How many skiing attempts (1)? How many car accidents (3? 4?)? How many Star Wars movies (0)?

While you perhaps ponder those big and little numbers in your own life a moment, I think I'm changing my mind mid-post about whether it IS too bad we can't have that measure set before our eyes.


Anonymous said...

"If I'd saved another 10% over the years, I'd have $100K in the bank."

Actually, if you had just put it in a index mutual fund, it would exceed a $1 million. Sorry for mentioning that.

I've never been to this blog (came by way of your 'outing' by julie d on a blog I do read.

However, this first post was excellent. I might stop by again.

Therese Z said...

Thanks, and my gosh! Of course I'd have had a million. Made a million, still had a million. That just makes my chagrin more....chagrinny.

Anonymous said...

You know, I had to come back because I just had a thought:

Just $1 to the needy must pay a better investment over time than 10%. So your tithe today will grow it an amount that will pale the million. It must be like investing in Microsoft in 1985. :-).

Therese Z said...

Right again. Good thoughts, you completed my post with your good conclusions. Thanks!



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