Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Okay, how powerful is this guy anyway?

My house has been on the market for 8 or 9 months now. It's getting down to the wire, because my dear fiancé and I had decided to go ahead and buy our new family home in faith that the Lord would find us a buyer for our houses. I haven't been anxious, but I've been a bit -- let's say, concerned.

On Wednesday, I never got around to opening the mail, even though it contained an interesting, knobby little parcel from my aunt. Back to that later.

Thursday morning, Henry and I were at the closing for our new house. Our realtor stepped out to take a cell call and returned to tell us that an offer would be coming over that day on my house. We reviewed it and accepted it that afternoon. So, amazingly enough, in all the 2,912 two-hour periods since I listed the house, God chose that one to bring me an acceptable offer to purchase my own. I love it when God reminds me that he's in charge.

Back to the knobby little parcel: It turns out my aunt had been concerned about the failure of the house to sell, so she sent me a little statue of St. Joseph to bury in my front yard. I'm quite fond of St. Joseph, though it never seemed particularly respectful to me to bury a representation of him upside down anywhere for any reason; I certainly had been happy to ask him to pray for me. Now I find out that he's such a powerful guy that, no sooner does he cross the threshold of my house, it sells like a hotcake.

I certainly feel well looked-after.


Therese Z said...

It's so homey! I have a neighbor who can make one single phone call to city hall and suddenly my little problem goes away, my permit goes through, my phone rings with a long-expected callback.

Our neighbors, our saints. Love it!

marylea said...

Great story, Roz, and so happy you've sold your home! We just heard a homily on St. Joseph recently. I love the quiet saints! I enjoyed catching up with you and Henry on Sunday after hearing Amy Welborn speak. Congratulations to you both.

Bill White said...

Heh - just try finishing a novena to St Joseph. When we start he whips into action and we have to pray the following 8 days in thanksgiving.



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